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FAQ's About the Tours:

How long are the Day, Half Day and Milonga Evening tours?

Day Tour last about 8hrs. Costs U$S 179 for a group of 3, more people can join at a cost of U$S 29 per person.

Half Day. lasts about 4hrs. Costs U$S 119 for a group of 3, more people can join at a cost of U$S 19 per person.

Bohemian Evening: lasts over 3,5hrs. CostsU$S 119 for the group, more people can join at a cost of U$S 19.

Where do we meet?

I will meet you at your accommodation, unless otherwise pre-arranged.

How I pay for the tour?

Preferably U$D Cash. Euros are welcome too. Paying in local currency is also possible, although we need to agree beforehand.

You can also secure your booking by paying in advance via PayPal.

What do we use for transport?

I recommend we use a private car or minivan. This will give you the opportunity to see much more of the city. Of course, we can move using subway, buses, trains or taxis, allowing you to experience the city.

If you decide for private transport we need to arrange it in advance. The costs are as follows:

  • Private Car U$S 14/hour.
  • Minivan (15 seats) U$S 22/hour.

Do you provide Airport Transfer?

Yes, of course! I can provide safe transport with one of my trusted drivers.

Private car: The cost is USD?30 + USD 10 for the waiting hour. From Ezeiza International Airport to downtown accommodation. Can fit 2 people with luggage.

FAQ's?About our Customs:


Argentineans will never say No to a tip. So, if you feel like giving one 10% on top of a check is the custom. 12-15% in an upmarket restaurant will be reasonable also.


Despite some bad press, Taxis are pretty reliable, safe and cheap.

All taxis must have a clock meter which the driver switches on once the ride starts. You can stop the taxi in the street and in some randomly placed "paradas" (stops).

When a taxi is available a red light is lit at the top left front window with the sign Libre (free). Put your arm up to the side and the taxi is yours. I love the red light, you can spot when a taxi is free from afar!

Up to four people can be taken in each taxi. This number is unnegotiable.

The taxi fare changes after 10pm which is slightly more expensive. All taxis must have their license and fare cost exhibited for the passenger in the back seat.

Should you tip the driver? Locals, when feeling generous, tend to round up the pay to a full number. If you are feeling generous as well, you can tip?10%, and you will be remembered like the coolest of gringos.

Like anywhere in the world, here taxi drivers have the reputation of going around circles to charge a bit. Just be aware that sometimes that is the only option they have. Most of our streets are one way.


You will need to have a SUBE card. You can buy it in some kiosks at a small cost but you will need to charge additional credit. The same kiosk should have the facility to add credit but it is not mandatory, so you might end up shopping around kiosks to change it. The best option is making your way to a subway station, they will do the charge.

Any number of passengers can use the same card as long there is credit on it.

At the moment the SUBE card is the only option to get on a bus, underground or trains. You will not be able to buy single tickets... yep, a pain in the neck. Hopefully this will improve soon.

  • Subway: runs from around 7am to 10:30pm (depending which direction you go)
  • Buses: most of the lines have night services to a much reduce frequency.
  • Trains: better to avoid them at night (if they run). During the day you should wait to become acquainted with the service and line. Better getting advice from a local before (me).

If possible, try to avoid public transport during the rush hour.


Buenos Aires is a fairly safe city. You will see uniformed police in many corners.

The dodgy areas are far from any area that most tourists visit. If you are planning to wander beyond the classics, common sense will help you by asking the locals.

Bags, cameras, tablets or any other valuables should not leave unattended

Do NOT hang your bag from your chair. Leave it on your lap or wrapped to your leg.

WEATHER (Check the forecast here).

I am sure you have done your research on the weather for each particular season. Here is a link to check on the nuances of the day to day climate changes.

EXCHANGE (Check here the convertion rate of the day)

Just know, Argentineans (and need) saving in U$S or Euros. Do not be afraid of bringing cash with you. Many people will welcome it (and you!). Also, some shops or services might give you a premium discount when paying in US dollar or Euros. (I definitely accept USD or Euros as payment).


  • Police 101 or 911
  • Fire Station 100
  • Ambulance (SAME) 107